Central to Local, Local to Virtual Project

Central to Local, Local to Virtual Project

Gola projects were approached through the Laz language and culture in particular, and the culture of living together regarding all language, culture and life information living in the region in general. In this context, Gola has a very strong archive (including notebooks with field notes, audio and video recordings of compilation studies, photo and video archives of events, brochures and posters). Our primary goal is to digitalize this archive and transfer it from a physical space to a virtual space where it will be more reliable and easily accessible. Our primary goal will be eventuted when we ensure that our archive is inventoried, sorted, categorized, digitalized and made available online.

At the same time; Gola's transformation into a consultable institution in the Eastern Black Sea Region, being a role model in the field of civil society; It is aimed to be a host institution for researchers who want to work in the field. In addition, Gola's various rights-based businesses in the field; It is desired to establish a cultural center where intersectional holistic knowledge of nature, culture and art will continue to be produced.

The project continues in partnership with the European Endowment for Democracy (EED) to ensure that Gola's civil society archive can be accessed safely by digitalizing it, and to contribute to the strengthening of civil society by moving Gola to its working area, the Eastern Black Sea region.


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