The Little Black Fish is Speaking Laz Language

The Little Black Fish is Speaking Laz Language


One of the masterworks of children literature The Little Black Fish, which Samed Behrengi’s famous work, is born again with name of “Uça Çxomina” also this time it is speaking  Laz Language of Arhavi.

This story which tells the journey of  Uça Çxomina to reach the sea and find the meaning of life by leaving from the tiny stream where he was born, meets with its listeners and readers bothas an audio and a pressed book. The book was translated to Laz Language by İrfan Ç. Aleksiva and Sevinç Alçiçek. And Zeynep Özüm Ak made this special drawings of the book. Sevinç Alçiçek was voiceover of the book which was prepared with the contributions of the European Union Sivil Düşün program.

The book is supporting with application, voice documents, videos for children, students who elective Laz Language class and adults who want to learn Laz Language. We proudly present Uça Çxomina to people who want to improve their Laz Language, to parents who want to read or listen a Laz Language tale to their children.

P.S: The book was printed 1000 copies. It will hand out free to teachers, students and NGO actors and its fanciers. The book can be procude from the office of Gola Culture, Art and Ecology Association in Rize/Fındıklı.


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