Gola Nature Film Festival

Gola Nature Film Festival

Gola Culture, Art and Ecology Association, Artvin's Arhavi on April 27-28-29, 2012; With the Gola Nature Film Festival, which will be held for the first time in Rize's Fındıklı and Pazar districts, it has added a new one to the works it has been continuing in the region for years.

The Film Festival was held in parallel with the “Recording of Sustainable Life and Fruit Heritage Project”, which has been carried out for a while and aims to support local agriculture. Its motivation was to reinforce the close relationship established by the people of the region with nature. Gola in Nature Film Festival; presented a selection of films about nature and consisting of examples of sustainable life from different parts of the world. In this way, Gola wanted to remind the people of the Eastern Black Sea region once again how valuable and important the geography they live in and the traditional lifestyle they try to maintain is all over the world. While doing this, Gola acted with the belief that cinema can make positive changes in people's lives. 

During the festival, non-used old village schools and tea selling centers were chosen for film showing place. In this way, it was aimed to transform the event into a region-specific experience.

Gola Nature Film Festival’s banner and brochures was designed by designers Özüm Asılkazancı and Yunus Ak who are our volunteers.

In festival, six foreign, six local films total twelfe films was showed.

In the selection of foreign films, where experiences similar to those of the region was presented from different perspectives;

Offering a deep and alternative perspective to the world bee crisis “Queen of the Sun”, 2010, ABD

Giving striking examples from South America on the future of water, “Thirst” 2004, ABD

Telling the adventure of market products “Story Of Stuff” 2007, ABD

The story of the one who follow the special potato in the Andes “Semillias Segradas” 2006, ARJANTİN

Questioning what we know about the earth “Permaculture Soils”, 2010, AVUSTRALYA

A Peruvian film about the transformation of intergenerational knowledge of nature (Mi Chacra) 2008, PERU we watched.

In the local selection of the festival;

The subject of the irreparable damage to the Black Sea by hydroelectric power plants that have increasing since 2007. “Against The Current”, 2012

Describing the anti-HEPP process in Erzurum “Damn the Damns”, 2012

Telling the equivalent of being a witness of forced migration in a girl “Forsaken Path”, 2006

While telling the adventure of tea with the method of oral history, noticed how Laz culture was affected. “anTEAcipation”, 2006

Describing the relationship of three female characters with production “Sisters Of Lilith”, 2008

The festival was memorialized  director Süha Arın who passed away in 2004, first documentary “When The Fog is Swept Away”


Participation from the region was with the children's workshop and interviews held in parallel with the film screenings. Beekeeper İlyas Can and Yusuf Coşkun, Abdurrahman Aydın (Apo), Uğur Biryol and Nagehan Uskan were honored by participating in our festival.

We would also like to thank the Sustainable Living Film Festival and the Mountain Film Festival for supporting us in the selection of the festival.




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