International Black Sea Music and Arts Festival

International Black Sea Music and Arts Festival

The aim of the International Black Sea Music and Art Festival, which was held for the first time on 12-13 October 2012 by the GOLA Culture, Art and Ecology Association; the strengthening of cultural ties between the peoples of the Black Sea, the Caucasus and the Balkans, with the contribution of art to intercultural dialogue, and the development of communication between states. With the festival, understanding the common values that exist, talking about the problems, developing a new perspective on their solution, by using language of peace thinking about the identity of a Black Sea Country, and creating a Black Sea Culture and Art network are among our motivations.


The region is also a special region with its unique historical and natural values, as well as being the center of long rebellions, social changes and contentious political relations. In the coming years, it is planned to include artists from the Black Sea region countries such as Georgia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Romania, Ukraine, Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Moldova, Hungary and Turkey, as well as North Caucasian peoples, into the project. 

The Black Sea Music and Art Festival draws attention to new concrete initiatives by emphasizing the strong impact of the developing dialogue between the peoples of the region in the fields of culture and art. It aims to mediate the raising of cultural awareness in the Black Sea region in the recent past through this and countless other ways. In addition to the festival artists, Assoc. Dr. The "Black Sea Cultural Sharing Platform" panel was held, in which Mitat Çelikpala and Hikmet Akçiçek were also present.

In the first year of the festival, attention was paid to include mostly female artists from the countries involved in the project. It is aimed to include female artists by making positive discrimination and to bring various branches of art to the fore in the festivals that we aim to continue for the next years by supporting regional and cultural rejuvenation. 


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